Linux Changelog

Stuff changes, see exactly what


New Features:
- Custom configs support
- Support for systemd-resolved

Bug Fixes:
- Disables IPv6 to prevent WebRTC leak
- Debug log updates
- Refetch credentials on AUTH_FAILED fix
- Attempt to reconnect forever if internet is down
- Disable UDP protocol when a proxy is configured
- Stunnel log path fix
- Custom Plan info in `windscribe account` output

v1.3.1 (Deprecated)

New Features:
- Static IP + port forwarding support

Bug Fixes:
- City level selection connecting to wrong city
- Fix for limited bandwidth “a la carte” plans (future feature)
- Re-fetch credentials on AUTH_FAILED
- Handle reconnect on wake up from sleep mode in most cases. There is a bug in the Linux kernel that affects some network drivers:
- Handle reconnect on reboot
- IP check failure not fatal

v1.2.1 (Deprecated)

New Features:
- Build-a-Plan support

Bug Fixes:
- iptables command output to debug log
- Whitelist Windscribe API IPs in the firewall
- Better handling of AUTH_FAILED
- Reconnect after sleep mode
- Malformed json in wssession
- Don’t make needless API calls when disconnected

v1.1.1 (Deprecated)

New Features:
- City level location selection
- Stealth connection mode
- LAN Proxy support
- LAN traffic firewall bypass
- x86 and ARM architecture support (will run on the Raspberry Pi)
- Backup API connectivity

Bug Fixes:
- Firewall now blocks IPv6 traffic
- Resume Firewall state after restart
- No DNS after disconnecting in some cases
- High CPU usage when connecting
- API retry error suppression
- Prevent leaks while reconnecting
- Misc startup bugs

v1.0.1 (Deprecated)

New Features:
- Everything

Bug Fixes:
- None

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