Pegue el enlace que desea proteger a continuación

¿Qué es un is a separate service operated by Windscribe. It works in a similar fashion to a URL shortening service, where you create a unique URL that points to any webpage of your choice.

We will scan the destination page for ad beacons and 3rd party trackers that may compromise the privacy of the person who accesses the page.

We will give a "Privacy Score", which grades (from A to F, just like in school) the destination page in terms of how invasive it is with tracking practices.

Vea el ejemplo

¿Cómo me protege a mí o los demás? es una herramienta de concientización que pretende arrojar luz sobre la cantidad de seguimiento que está presente en la mayoría de los sitios web que visita. No protegerá su privacidad en línea si decide omitir las advertencias y proceda al destino sin utilizar Windscribe.

¿Puedo restringir quién ve mi

Yes, there are 2 ways. You can create a that will not allow the user to proceed to the destination without installing Windscribe, forcing them (for their own good) to become more private online. Additionally, you can set a password on your link, which will encrypt it, so even we don't have access to where it leads to. Only those with a valid password will be able to access it.

Can I earn money?

Yes! Generate a via this page, via our Browser Extension, and share it anywhere. When someone signs up to Windscribe and upgrades you will get 50% of what they spent.

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